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alright sooo

2011-09-23 23:15:34 by zion7607

i made a new account called Mt-Zion because i want all of my crap on one account, want my account to be my stage name, and i lied on my age when i was like 12, so like just for organization and validation stuff. just to let the audio mods know if i ever re-post a song from this account to my new one. authorities please delete this account when you clean out all of the inactive accounts and such

so ya go there and check some stuff out! -Zion


2011-08-20 00:23:13 by zion7607

Did I just miss freaking CLOCK DAY?

I'm Moving

2011-07-02 23:05:22 by zion7607

On July 22nd...Pretty excited...ya

also happy 4th everyone (US only. Sorry :[ )

holy crap.

2011-04-30 18:25:39 by zion7607

i haven't made a new post since freaking new years

spme pretty good news for ie is that i'm moving out of this hell-like state (South Dakota) to a noy-so-hell-like state. (Arizona) this summer! I will finally be able to eat at Jack-in-the-box, and even get a nice beverage at 7-eleven!
life is great.

im sorry to say my music is going to be reserved until sometime after February. im tired of making remixes and i want to record my own music (OMG YOU HAVE ORIGINAL MUSIC!?!)
well duh...
anyways, im moving out of South Dakota, the WORST state in the U.S., into Phoenix, Arizona. Where it is warmer, close to my hometown (Burbank, CA), where hopefully there are not as many ghetto wanna-be gangsters live, and so my dad and i hopefully have more time to do music.

... that doesn't mean i can't do flash tho... ;)

Enough of me. What did YOU get or give for Christmas?


2010-10-16 18:34:30 by zion7607

In case you dont know what that is, it is a movie editing software made by Adobe. And is also the most advanced movie editing software yet!

Do you know what this means? if you do, you might as well stop wasting your time and listen to MtZion's music. if you dont, read on!

I Now Have Access To Flash Animations.

Aside from posting music, i will now (as a secondary project) Make flash animations and post them to the portal with my brother who is already learning the program. Woo Hoo!

5 songs so far.

2010-09-19 22:09:04 by zion7607

i now have a fifth song in the portal.
check them out at MtZion's page.
im too lazy to put a link to it so find it yourself.


2010-08-15 21:19:11 by zion7607

Its Clock Day!!!
what r u doin to celebrate?
im rackin up my blam/save points. (since i dont have flash and im still learning logic pro 9)

ok sooo...

2010-07-31 21:44:57 by zion7607

i just got done recording a solo in "Logic Pro 09" which i pretty much just improvised the whole way.
so im going to upload it in just a bit. but it might take awhile to come up in the audio portal.
the submission can be veiwed (or in this case "listened to") on my alt account MtZion where im going to be posting all of my music.
so yeah. so what are you guys working on at the moment?

EDIT: The song is up! Check it out! /352090

Back from the future

2010-07-25 13:11:36 by zion7607

I just got back from my vacation late last night and overall the vacation was alot of fun!
although upsetting because we were unexperienced (considdering it was our first vacation),
it was more of a funny and quite creepy one. i wont explain exactly what happened on our vacation, except that we went to disneyland, and that we stopped at the exact spot where they filmed a "back to the future", because my brother is making tons of v-logs about it on our youtube channel.
but otherwise im back. so you better be happy for me. >:0

I"m flying an airplane! (7th birfday)

Back from the future